where is my adapter?

I know I had promised adapters with the pre-sale but that fell through and I apologize for that.  I was going to just leave it alone since no one has really seemed to care but dude that makes the adapters is saying all sorts of crazy shit and wants me to tell the truth about what actually happened so here it is

Back in like December dude messaged me to buy the pre-sale, when I realized he was the one making adapters I just said send me a pack instead of paying me.  We had actually met quick a couple years back and have a few mutual friends.  Before the pack arrived I took off to Philly to finish the movie so I had him ship a few more to me there.  Once they showed up I thought it would be cool to include one with the first 100 orders so I hit dude up and he was with it.  I gave out the adapters and started trying to push his brand.  Over the next few months he and I would talk from time to time, sometime in February he told me that 70 something were done and he'd be ready soon.  I finished up the movie and included his logos in the credits and on some of the packing for the DVD and USB.  We started talking about doing a shirt or something together, I came up with a design for a hoody and dude was with it. He made the "Irresponsible" logo 3D and got 12 made with that on the front and his logo on the back.  Now it's around the start of March, and I am about to order the DVD's but still no adapters, and no real answer about when to expect them.  The DVD's come in at the start of April and they're already months late, I have to start shipping them.  After the first half of the movies go out the adapters are finally ready and he wants payment.  Now in my mind he was just going to give them to me for promoting his newly started brand, that's my fault for not making sure we were on the same page.  I offer to pay half what he asked just to make good on what I promised with the pre-sale and I thought he agreed.  Why else would he ask for my shipping info?  I send him the full amount he had asked for the adapters and ask for him to let me know what I owe him for the hoodies so I can send payment and offer to cover shipping.  If I had to end up eating the full cost of the adapters no big deal, I will make it back on the hoodies.  After a few days of not hearing back I was pissed off and told him to just send me back my money if he wasn't going to do anything.  He didn't really care of that and became a bigger dickhead than he already had been.  He kept half the money I gave him for the 20 adapters he sent and "wasting his time".  He had payment for the adapters and I was trying to pay for my half of the hoodies but he decided to talk shit and sell them on his own.  To me that is some dickeater shit so fuck him.

 - b